gregory janks
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selected writing & press

Selected awards

  • SCUP Honorable Mention for Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus, George Mason University Master Plan, 2022
  • SCUP Honor Award for Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus, University of Florida Strategic Development Plan, 2017
  • ASLA Award of Excellence for Analysis and Planning, The One Ohio State Framework Plan, 2012
  • SCUP Award for Institutional Innovation and Integration, The Ohio State University Framework Plan, 2011
  • BSLA Merit Award for Landscape Analysis and Planning, The Ohio State University Framework Plan, 2011

Selected presentations

  • "Beyond data: implementation and institutional politics," SCUP Emerging Leaders; 2022-2023
  • “Planning our future by honoring our past,” SCUP Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington; 2019
  • “Creating an Engaging Community,” The Annapolis Group, Annapolis, Maryland; 2018
  • “Rigors of Practice,” Wentworth Institute of Technology, Lecture for College of Architecture, Design & Construction Management, Boston, MA; 2017-2019
  • University System of Texas Task Force on Facility Planning for the 21st Century: Optimal Use of Existing and Future Space Subcommittee; 2014-2015
  • “Data-driven Integrated Scenario Planning for Gargantuan Projects,” NACUBO Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington; 2014
  • “Formula’s End: Space Data and What It Means,” NACUBO Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington; 2014
  • “Future of the Campus,” Workshop Facilitator, Georgia Institute of Technology; 2014
  • “Campus Real Estate Development,” NACUA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 2013
  • “Developing Complex Capital Projects,” Harvard Business School, MBA Lecture, Cambridge, Massachusetts; 2013
  • “The Role of Physical Design in Academic Transformation,” Panelist, Forum for the Future of Higher Education, Aspen, Colorado; 2013
  • “New Metrics for the New Normal,” SCUP Southern Regional Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina; 2012
  • “The University System of Georgia Space Utilization Study,” SCUP Southern Symposium, Plenary Speaker, Atlanta, Georgia; 2012
  • “Is Campus Master Planning Useful?” TAPPA Conference Keynote Address, Houston, Texas; 2011
  • “No Net New Academic Space: A Capital Prioritization Framework,” NACUBO Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida; 2011
  • “Renewal and Regeneration—Value, Mission, and Transformation in Residential Districts,” ACUHO-I Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana; 2011
  • “Transforming Value—Strategic Sustainable Community Planning,” ACUHO-I Living Learning Program Conference, Columbus, Ohio; 2009
  • “Campus Master Planning,” State University System of Florida, Board of Governors Workshop, Gainesville, Florida; 2008

gregory janks

Gregory helps colleges and universities make strategic decisions. His work includes campus frameworks and master planning, strategic planning, financial analysis and resource allocation models, academic planning, space use analysis and programming, planning for academic medical centers, student and residential life studies, and a focus on how analytics can best support decision making.

Current and previous collaborations range from large public research universities like Auburn University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, The Ohio State University, the Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, the University of Florida, the University of Iowa, the University of Nebraska, the University of Texas, and the University of Virginia through private institutions like Brown University, Colgate University, Dartmouth College, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania, to state universities and community colleges across the country, and several statewide systems including developing new space use methods for the University System of Georgia and creating a strategic framework for public higher education in Massachusetts. Non-university projects include Boys Town, the Mayo Clinic, and the Washington National Cathedral.

His writing and talks have been featured by ACUHO-I, NACUBO, and SCUP. He has a Ph.D in mathematics from Stony Brook University.