Aïcha Lakhssass
e    alakhssass@dumontjanks.com
t    617.275.2355 x 705

Aïcha Lakhssass

Growing up in a Moroccan city with an always changing urban landscape, Aïcha became interested in the fields of architecture and planning. She pursued studies in these fields to understand how the built environment works and how this knowledge could help create better urban environments for everyone.

Aïcha is an urban planner who graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in physical planning and urban design. She obtained her masters in urban planning through the Fulbright Scholarship. She also has a background in architecture with several years of professional experience. Aïcha has worked on projects at different design scales, collaborated with teams with multidisciplinary backgrounds, and solved architectural and planning problems. She is most interested in master planning and aims to use her skills to help improve the built environment and extend her knowledge by tackling new challenges.