georgetown university framework plan and on-going services

georgetown university framework plan and on-going services

Following a lengthy neighborhood negotiation that resulted in several legal requirements drafted by the District Zoning Commission, Georgetown University embarked on the creation of a holistic campus framework plan. The immediate challenge was to resolve how the university could best address its goal to house 90% of all undergraduates on an active 24/7 campus. With our partners at Forest City Washington, we explored multiple scenarios from a student life, financial, and design perspective, and helped the university move quickly into construction on a new residence hall. The second challenge concerned the campus’ academic medical center. The university’s clinical partner, MedStar, has signifcant facility needs, and we helped create thoughtful solutions that resolved the problems posed by the tight urban condition while immediately addressing the hospital’s needs and minimizing enabling projects.

With these hot button topics resolved, we focused on the potential for academic expansion within the core campus, the creation of an open space framework that extends the wonderful character of the historic quad, transportation, athletics and recreation, energy and infrastructure, the creation of a new capital planning framework that emphasizes reinvestment in existing facilities while also identifying highvalue growth opportunities, and expansion potential at the university’s downtown campus. Extensive stakeholder, regulatory, and neighborhood communication and engagement were critical. The results provide a series of specifc investments for the next ten years, and establish a clear and understandable decision tree which maximizes optionality and flexibility for the longer term.

After completing the framework, DumontJanks helped the university successfully guide the plan to adoption through the D.C. regulatory process. We have also worked on numerous follow-on studies, including an academic master plan, and several explorations of the university's downtown Law Center campus.

DumontJanks team members led the development of portions of the above project while employed by Sasaki Associates, Inc. DumontJanks is not associated with Sasaki.