harbor farm landscape master plan and implementation

harbor farm landscape master plan and implementation

The islands and peninsulas off the northern coast of Maine are iconic waterfront environments. They offer both stunning historic waterfront communities in transition and long stretches of more solitary, contemplative environments where the sea meets the stunning granite geology of eastern Maine.

This work for a private family involves an overall master plan for 200 acres of this waterfront, a composition of managed forest, meadows, walking paths, the original house and barn compositions at opposite ends of the property and a phased implementation of that entire composition. Phase One is the existing farmhouse, stunning barn, and waterfront cottage composition at the lower oceanfront side of the property. This composition is united by a powerful new landscape of entry drive and courts, bold avenues and bosques of trees lining the drive, defining the courts, and framing a walled orchard and garden environment.

The composition of drives, courts, and walls utilize a simple palette of local peastone and granite that unites the overall composition and enhances the stunning rural nature of the property. The deciduous tree palette of plane trees for the drive allees, honey locust groves for the courts, and apples for the orchard, are selected for their iconic beauty as well as their ability to withstand the harsh salt water air of the coast. Local granite slabs are use horizontally as thresholds into the peastone courts, stacked vertically for the orchard walls and waterfront fireplace court.

Beyond the house and barn environment, the meadows are cut seasonally to promote local wildflowers and low blueberry cover, paths are mown through the forest giving access to small promontories and to unite both ends of this stunning property.