university of florida strategic development plan

university of florida strategic development plan

We worked in collaboration with our partners at Elkus Manfredi Architects and the University of Florida on a comprehensive strategic development plan for the university’s 2,000 acres and 54,000 students. The plan will guide development for one of the country’s leading land grant research institutions, ensuring that its physical environment supports its aspirations of preeminence. The plan depends on a bold new partnership between the university and its host community of Gainesville.

The key idea is to create a series of actionable initiatives that will transform the city and campus into a laboratory for solving the great challenges of our time including demographic change, social inequality, and climate change.

The plan specifies four bold initiatives: the creation of the New American City, proximity (the future focus of university development in the eastern third of its landholdings), strong neighborhoods (preserving and strengthening the city's historic neighborhoods, while also sensitively providing opportunties for employees to live closer to campus and to densify the downtown), and stewardship.

The University of Florida Strategic Development Plan received SCUP's Honor Award for Excellence in Planning for an Existing Campus.